Pre-Plucked Lace Front Human Hair Wig for Black Women

I used to get my units from another seller, but my last wig was horrible so I gave this seller a try. I a so happy I read each and every review because the majority were on point! I ordered a 12 inch for my sister. Received very quickly, and first thing I noticed was this uit is LONG! It’s at least 15 inches easy! I immediately set a part and washed it.

Hardly any shedding, nad the wave pattern was the same throughout the wig, which was a complete shock to me! It’s also big head friendly, which my sister does have a big bucket head. It fits her well too. The unit had baby hairs that didn’t need to be plucked. I didn’t do anything to the hairline since my sister liked it the way it is.

Now for the bad part. My sister wanted me to CUT this lovely wig down to about 10 inches! NO WAY!!!! I decided to order her another unit, so this one is now MINE! Thanks Sis, but no way in heck am I butchering it. I also love how it’s as thick in the back as it is in front and on sides.

It was layered so no need for me to do anything but color it now. I hope my review helps someone like the other reviews helped me! THANKS TO ALL!