Kanekalon Fiber 13×6 Inch Lace Real Natural For Women

So I really like this wig. It’s only my second synthetic wig and my first one was much “fancier”. This one seemed like a good deal for the length and color, and I’d seen some great youtube reviews on it. The human hair wig is super soft, very long, and a pretty color.

I can see this wig lasting a decent ammount of time as long as you know how to take care of it. Now folks, repeat after me, DO NOT BRUSH SYNTHETIC HAIR. You really shouldn’t brush any synthetic hair ever not even with a wig brush, it destroy’s the fibers. I noticed every negative review of this lace front wigs mentioned that after BRUSHING this wig was uncontrolablly tangled and had to be cut. I cannot stress this enough, don’t brush your darn synthetic wig babe!!!

The best maitenance routine I’ve found for this unit is to use a wide tooth comb or pick comb. Comb very gently, take your time, no need to rush hon, take extra care combing the ends. Then if you have access to a razor comb wide tooth comb that has some built in sharp razors to thin out dense hair take a razor comb from mids to ends of this unit to thin it out so that it’s not quite so thick. I love that this unit is thick but I definitely feel like it’s too much for me. But as soon as you thin it with a razor comb, adjust the lace/hairline to your liking, this unit is super fun.

Additionally do not throw this beauty on the floor or anywhere that isn’t a wig stand when you’re not wearing it. If you’re kind to your lace wig, you will actually get your money’s worth.

Don’t even think about brushing it! I can’t say this enough to folks apparently. It even says it in the instructions, don’t brush it! They say this wig is heat friendly but in general I avoid heat on wigs, even with human hair units. Heat is what destroyed my actual hair, there is no way it’s good for wig hair, especially since wig hair tends to be really dry. Heat is just a bad idea. Okay, I’m done lol.

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