Long Straight Middle Part Synthetic Full Wig Fashion Ash Blonde

Amazing wig for the price. Personally I think it is as good, if not better than many higher priced wigs. Just the right amount of hair for everyday wear. I didn’t have to thin it out. I did add some layers to make it look better. The color is really pretty. It’s not to shiny. The flaxen color is very natural with some highlights.

It’s not a super light blonde, it’s like a medium blonde. The texture is a really nice thin strand, very soft. It’s texture is probably more for a white girl. That’s just my opinion. No hairs sticking out. The part is very nice.

I did have to pluck the hair in the part to make it look more real. The lace hairline is just right. I have tried many others and so far this is the best for me. I will add some pictures when I can. I am really happy with the product.


Pre-Plucked Lace Front Human Hair Wig for Black Women

I had to come back and let you guys know this is the best wig I have ever purchased. Forget the cap! I wear this all day and not once do I think about it. It does not irritate, nor has the quality of the brazilian hair diminished since buying it. This is outstanding quality of hair and an outstanding wig made. Get you one before they sell out.

I put pictures up to show you guys how I can wear it any way. The beach picture is right after I got out of the ocean!!! I haven’t had one issue with shedding or getting matted or anything!!! This hair is fabulous!!!

And yes it could be a little thicker but I searched and a wig with only 10% more will cost you an increase of $55 atleast. This wig is wonderful !

At first I wasn’t happy because the cap the wig was made on is too big. I decided to criss cross the straps to make it tighter and voila! Now don’t do what I do but I feel this review will give you a good idea about the hair. I believe that with human hair I should be able to treat it as such. I’m rough with my hair and I don’t like hair that has a billion instructions just to keep it nice. If it’s quality hair than we shouldn’t have problems.

This hair is bomb! I went swimming with it in the ocean, washed it later that day, and then curled it. Curls stay and the hair is sooooooo soft. I mean just silk in your hands. It sheds very little and the wig itself looks so real with the baby hair I kept getting stopped and asked questions about it. The lace wigs uk is soft and doesn’t irritate my edges. I do not glue or hold it down. I just flip the part next to your ear underneath. The baby hair is cute and placed well. I love this wig and the cute little gifts I got. This hair is amazing. I only knocked down one star due to the cap, it needs to be made alittle smaller.


Glueless Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Women

Beautiful!!! Order for same day shipping because I was anxious to see how the unit would look and it didn’t disappoint. Had no smell, my lace is a nice light brown color and I thought since it was a full lace wig it wouldn’t be sturdy but it is!! It is very sturdy, I’ve washed the hair and the curls were beautiful. Little tip, if you want the curls to stay beautiful don’t finger through them or separate them because you will just get big puffy beachy waves.

If you don’t bother it and let it dry it could possibly look like the picture. But I wouldn’t know, I finger combed it and the beautiful little curls were gone. I also didn’t put any product on it just conditioned it. Do not shampoo it it will loose the curl but it will go back if you just condition it with the cold water. I also didn’t need a cap it looks just fine. This unit does have a lot of baby hair and its long enough for you to have the option to style it or not. A con is it does shed at the nape when you’re combing it through but that’s ok I’m going to spray the knots with either some extra hold hair spray, I’ve found the got2be hairspray in the yellow can works well or I will order some knots sealer spray.

Hopefully that will remedy that problem. It hasn’t tangled or shed on my entire unit just at the nape. If you like full hair you will love this! I will be cutting some layers in the front to shape it a little. Overall for the price and it’s a full lace wig it’s perfect. I will be ordering another one so I can try to bleach and dye it.

Pre-Plucked Lace Front Human Hair Wig for Black Women

I used to get my units from another seller, but my last wig was horrible so I gave this seller a try. I a so happy I read each and every review because the majority were on point! I ordered a 12 inch for my sister. Received very quickly, and first thing I noticed was this uit is LONG! It’s at least 15 inches easy! I immediately set a part and washed it.

Hardly any shedding, nad the wave pattern was the same throughout the wig, which was a complete shock to me! It’s also big head friendly, which my sister does have a big bucket head. It fits her well too. The unit had baby hairs that didn’t need to be plucked. I didn’t do anything to the hairline since my sister liked it the way it is.

Now for the bad part. My sister wanted me to CUT this lovely wig down to about 10 inches! NO WAY!!!! I decided to order her another unit, so this one is now MINE! Thanks Sis, but no way in heck am I butchering it. I also love how it’s as thick in the back as it is in front and on sides.

It was layered so no need for me to do anything but color it now. I hope my review helps someone like the other reviews helped me! THANKS TO ALL!

150% Density Lace Front Human Hair Wigs For Women

Received my order today and I was impressed with the unit. I have been wearing units for 20 years. I trimmed the lace and nipped a piece of human hair wigs because I’ve never had kinky texture and was skeptical about the texture/ feel. So I burned it and it burned like real hair and smelled like burned hair.

I ordered the 22 onch I’m 5’8″ and it falls just above my butt. Umm the unit is so light you will forget you even had it on. The odor was a little strange but I fixed that. The unit is so full. I am glad I went on the limb and purchased will purchase again. The only she’d was initially from me removing the lace. Been trying to upload photes but this app keeps closing and I have to be write this review over again.

Let me tell you I am a real person/ consumer of this product. I can’t convince you to buy it but when this one craps the bed I will reorder from vender again. When wearing units us ladies look for quality and durability. I will see how it goes in the coming weeks/ months to really know if I will be coming back. 4/11/18.

inch 4 Bundles Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair Bundle

Decent quality. I have mixed feelings about this hair. I LOVED the curl but my stylist silked it out. She said the curls would come back when I washed it. I washed the brazilian hair uk , the curls came back a little bit, but not like they8 originally were.

The hair has a fishy smell when wet, but when it is dry it does not have any odor. It does get tangled, even though it says tangle free. Hard to curl unless you have a high temp silking iron.

The more you wash it the harder it is to manage. After 2 months I had to take it down bcuz it was completely unmanageable!

Glueless Full Lace Wig For Black Women Deep Curly 100% Real Human Brazilian Hair

I took a lot of time searching for a Lace Front Wig. I have been wearing wigs/ hair pieces and extensions off and on for 30+ years. I am very experienced consumer and know what I want in the quality of hair that I prefer. I specifically wanted a type of hair that fit my facial features and skintone. I like the Brazilian Deep Wavy hair. It took me over a year to feel confident enough to purchase from a vendor.

I read each review meticulously before finally making a purchase with Dream Beauty. I usually like to personally see the product before I invest especially with hair. I read many of the reviews for this vendor and respect all points of view. I have found that no wig is a perfect out of the package whether very expensive or inexpensive. Once I received the wig I took time to look at it, a verify the structure of the piece. I found it to be made very well, the hair quality was very good and it had no smell. I could also determine that the color could be changed as stated, which I was able to do. The wig cap is a standard size which I understood. I could have had it customized to be a bit smaller as I recently cut my own hair much shorter for the summer.

Not everyone has the same size head so a wig is going to be big on some and tight for others. The key is to know what’s right for you before you order. I have had shedding but this is no surprise to me. All hair pieces, extensions etc… will shed. This is common but should not be excessive. Lastly I have found that Ms. Jessie’s hair products work the best on this hair. The creamy hair products, not the gels. I shampoo with Tresemme Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner in a large plastic bowl. Dilute the shampoo in the bowl, don’t apply directly to the piece and the same with the conditioner. Never soak for a long period of time. Lay in a towel and carefully blot out excess water.

Spray lightly with a detangling spray and carefully with a wide tooth comb, comb working from bottom to top, one section at a time. Air dry on towel at first and then place on wig head to complete drying. I use my product after I put on the piece and spray lightly with water to mist the hair to dampen and add hair product. I rub a drop of coconut on my hands and gently rub on hair as a finisher. It seals in moisture. Less is more with any hair piece. I am extremely satisfied with my wig and with this company. I do feel that I received a great product and that my money was well spent.

I have ordered and received a second wig from Dream Beauty and will continue to purchase from this company as long as the product continues to meet my expectations. I know my review was very lengthy but I read so many reviews that went one way or another I wanted to provide feedback that will help the next customer making that hard decision to invest in a hair piece.

We all want to feel good and look good when we walk out our doors and it’s disheartening when a product does not meet our expectations after spending our hard earned money. Good luck with your choice and purchase.

FAQs on 4×4 Lace Front Wigs Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wig Straight Short Bob Wig

Q:What is the density of this unit? The photos make is seem thin.

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. The density of this unit is 150, and this unit is very thick actually. Hope that could help for you, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

Q:Is this a 100% human hair wig?

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. The wig is made of 100% human hair. Hope that could help for you, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

Q:Is the hair thin?

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. The bottom of hair is very thick, and it looks very natural.
Hope that could help for you, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

Q:what is the size of the wig cap and can the hair be bleached?

A:I have not received it yet. It’s been two weeks. I’d reconsider ordering this wig.

Q:Does the lace match all skin colors

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. The lace is Middle Brown color, it can match all skin colors. Hope that could help for you, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

Q:Does the unit come pre plucked and bleached?

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. The unit is pre plucked and bleached slightly. Hope that could help for you, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

Q:Is this wig heat prove? Can it be straightened or curled? Thank You!

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. This wig is heat proved, it can be straightened and curled, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

Q:Can you part on left or right side?

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. You ‘d better part in the middle because the lace is 4×4, if you want to part on left or right side, you can choose the 13×4 lace front wig or full lace wig. Hope that could help for you, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

Q:Is this lace closure bleached ?

A:Thank you so much for your concerning. The lace closure is slightly bleached. Hope that could help for you, Plz don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.

150% Density Curly Lace Front Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair Pre Plucked

Say What???? Yes a pre-plucked hair line, so real you really don’t have to do much with the front of this unit. i simply love, love this unit. It’s so soft and full. I had the 14inch 150% unit. This unit has 2 combs in the front on the side and one in the back with the adjustable straps. Believe it or not shipping was super-fast which I absolutely loved.

My only downfall was there was a smell but after a wash or two it should fade. Literally you will only have to co-wash, cut the lace and style and go. This is the best unit I have owned. I will definitely order another one soon. Oh one more thing. They were kind enough to put in two free gifts a wig cap and lashes. Thanks to one of my favorite YouTubers for reviewing this unit.


Dark Brown Synthetic Wigs for women – Natural Looking Long Wavy Right Side Parting Heat Resistant Replacement Wig Full Machine Made 24 inches (#2)

For some, it may be a dream…the synthetic fibers are so soft, the curl holds its shape, and it tangles but like all of these wigs a quick brushing makes it straight out of the package new. Their synthetic is always fantastic quality. My problem is, I only wear lacefronts, and I will only be ordering from K’ryssma because of the quality of their lacefronts and the top clip in the lace wigs which most complain about but for me, is the ONLY THING THAT KEEPS ANY WIG ON MY HEAD!

That is why I love this brand! This was a full cap wig, I really thought it was lace but should’ve known from the price. This is a great full wig with insanely natural looking fibers. I plan to order many more wigs, love the one I have, and ordered this for work- but the full cappedness of it makes it impossible for me personally.

K’ryssma continues to amaze me regularly. After my initial review, Esha reached out to me and was so kind, and helped me seeing as the company truly did not want me to have any issues with their products. The curls in this wig are so lovely, and because of the quality and customer service I will continue to order their wigs. They make wonderful products that compete with and are even better than some of the top companies out there.